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The controllers are for the control or regulation of bowl-feeder-drives on electromagnetic basis, with AC-magnets.

Optimal concept 

Based on our longtime knowledge the controllers are conceived functional and optimized. We watched the price-performance-proportion in every part.

Simple usage 

The controllers are compact and are easy to use. Every controller is tested and adjusted. They can be adjusted very simply to the bowl feeder on customer’s side.


Range of products

A simple adjustment on every bowl feeder worldwide is guaranteed. Tested and read for use, enforced with robust technique and fast installation time. And integrated manual helps. The controllers can be used in every country worldwide.


Single controller - Analogue

Controller RG-01S/RA   single

Singel controller with or without Jam-Sensor.


Double controller - Analogue

Controller RG-25S/RA   double

Double controller with or without Jam-Sensor
- Outputs for valves
- Detection of sensors for parts-recognition


Triple Controller - Anologue

Controller RG-35S/T   triple

Triple controller with Jam-Sensor and Early-Warning-Function


Single - Multiple - Digital

Digital Controller DC-02

Electronic, combined with modern, digitized control with microprocessor.

Digital Controller DC-35


Double- and triple controllers with digitized control with microprocessor reduces the costs and achieve better solutions with complete feeding controls.

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