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We produce and develop electronic devices for the controlling of bowl feeders.

The controllers are for the controlling of bowl feeders on electromagnetic basis and work according to the principal of Triac-phase-cutting or amplitude-limitation.

Our extensive palette of products is for the complete range of the feeding technology especially the bowl-feeder feeding technology.

We set a high value on:

  • Optimal conceived controllers
  • Optimal price-performance proportion
  • Compactness
  • Easy usage


Controllers for bowl feeders

Triple Digital Controllers


Analogue and digital standard controllers 

Our palette of products is based on knowledge of more than three decades.

Think of the demand, technique, save space, free of faults, material flow, stability and saving costs led to an extensive range of products

  • Single controllers with external 24VDC-switch-on/-off-signal.
  • Single controllers with an own 24VDC-power supply for jam-control
    and material registration with displays.
  • Multiple controllers (2 or 3 units), suitable for the control of a
    complete feeding station with integrated material registration.
  • Special controllers with optical/pneumatic re-sort.



Our controllers are designed for the work on market-conventional bowl feeders and are tested and adjusted on these.

An adjustment from the customer on the special application is possible
in seconds. E.g. the min-max-adjustment, the adjustment of the delay-times for jam-sensors or the smooth-start / smooth-stop-ramps.

The controllers are adjustable on every on the market available bowl feeder.



  • Clearly arranged positions in only one part of the housing
  • Highly functional options to the application
  • Simple switches for the logic
  • Internal helps for the adjustment which can never be lost
  • Suitable for worldwide usual power supplies
  • Combination of several controllers for bowl feeder to one unit


Signal technique - Implementation

The controllers have effective signal-inputs / signal-outputs according to the application. So an optimal implementation in installations with handshake is guaranteed.



Quality - Material

We use only robust and industrial material to achieve long-life controller.

  • Die-cast aluminium enclosures
  • Brass-cable glands
  • Robust power- and load-plugs

Load plug CA3GD

M12 Sensor-plug M12 Sensor-plug

Load plug Stakei2

Load plug Stas20

Brass Cable gland

(Pictures: Plugs: Hirschmann, cable glands: Jacob)

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